poster pics

Bad Michelle, bad Michelle! I completely forgot to post my photos from gay pride in Los Angeles a few weeks ago!

It's still a bit too early for Logo to start the big promotion push for "Exes & Ohs," but they did have us come to the Logo booth and make an appearance... and they had posters! Woo hoo!

Pics are below. The first is the logo booth from afar... the second is me and Marnie in front of our poster... and the third is me and Marnie with two of the Curl Girls in front of a different poster.

The images were taken with my camera phone, so they're not the greatest - but enjoy anyway! :-)


someone thinks I'm amazing, despite being a bronze popsicle-head

Breaking news: Power Up has selected me as one of their 10 amazing gay women in showbiz for 2007! If you'd like to see a blurb about it, click here.

The award is cool because in order to even be considered, you have to be nominated by at least two people... then Power Up selects the recipients from all the nominees. Nominations are anonymous so I have no idea who thinks I'm amazing, but I'm certainly grateful and excited about it!

Oh, and when you click the link to read the article, you'll be able to enjoy a truly frightening press photo of me. A little advice for any of you who are planning to walk a red carpet in the future: When you have your makeup professionally done, and you plan to wear something sleeveless, make sure the makeup artist takes the time to blend your face color to your actual skin color. Otherwise, you'll look like bronze popsicle head on top of a white stick. Oooh, perty! ;-)


interview on Velvet Park

An interview that I did at the Dinah Shore Weekend with Velvet Park magazine is now online...

You can check it out by clicking here. Look for my name in the list to the right of the video window.

Happy watching!

what now?

That's a great question. Now that "Exes & Ohs" is done, and given that the official promotion train won't really start chugging until August or so, what now? What am I doing? What have I been doing? And why on earth has it taken me more than a month to post?

Good questions all...

And to answer those questions, here's a brief recap of the past month and a half in the life of Michelle Paradise:

1. I signed with a literary agent and a manager. Representation is critical in this business and I'm happy to now be working with these guys. They're great. Team Paradise, as they like to call themselves, is - at this very moment - strategizing ways to help me conquer the world. Which means, stay tuned... :-)

2. I've been working on a feature script that my reps are really excited about. You may have heard the adage "writing is rewriting." It's so true. If you're a writer who hates rewriting, my suggestion would be to find another career. Fortunately, I'm in the right career because I love it... which is good, because I've been doing plenty of it. I can't tell you much about the script - but I'll hopefully be able to give you some good news about it very soon!

3. I've also been writing a new tv pilot... that's top-secret too, but it won't be for long!

4. I hired a web guru to redesign my web site. If you haven't been to it yet, check it out now because in the next month or so it'll look completely different.

5. I got new headshots. My old headshots were great but they were... well... old. As in a few years ago old. Actors typically get new headshots every few years and so it was time for me. Honestly, I don't look much different today than I did a few years ago, except that my hair's a bit longer now. Oh, and I just got five new eyebrow piercings and a tattoo on the tip of my nose. But other than that - and the collagen I just pumped into my lips - I look exactly the same. The headshots turned out great, by the way. They will all be featured on the new web site so you'll get to see them soon.

6. And last, but certainly not least, I sat down this morning and wrote this post, which is very happy-making because now I can take the note off my desktop reminding me to write a post. :-)

More soon!