my comment posts to you...

Hi folks... not much to report right now since everyone's just getting back into the swing of things post-Memorial Day. So I thought I'd check out some of the most recent comment postings and then comment back to all of you while I'm waiting for something project-related to happen. Sounds like fun, huh?!? :-)

Well, if not, feel free to ignore the rest of this posting... but if that does sound like fun, then read on!

To Janice: No, I wasn't kidding about the orgy sequence in the bathtub. Well, okay, I was... how'd you guess? Am I that transparent??? I hope you're feeling better, by the way. The surgery-recovery process sounds like a nightmare. Keep your spirits up! It'll all be better soon and before you know it you'll be driving your car and toilet papering your neighbors houses once again!

To Nico: Help! I'm grasping at straws here... dredging up the toilet-papering thing (which I mentioned in a post far too long ago for it to be funny anymore) in a sad attempt to make Janice laugh. Say something funny, will ya? Oh, and in answer to your earlier question, yes I will happily work in Europe - but only if I get to toilet paper a very large castle. (see...I just can't let the toilet-papering die!)

To Alana: I'd already listened to your music and you have quite the voice! Keep singin'!

To Henchman #4: The someone in Sam Scribner's writing group was me, actually. But thanks for checking in about that... You didn't think I was trying to steal someone else's story idea, did you??? Sam would stick his hand down from heaven and swat me for that. And now I'm curious to know which of Sam's proteges are you...

To anyone else who's been reading my blog: Thanks for doing so. I appreciate all the support.

Until next time...


tick tock tick tock

Let the countdown begin to the re-shoot! It's a mere 2 1/2 weeks away and things are starting to speed up. Here's the latest as of today, categorized for your reading pleasure:

There are always plenty of on-site meetings during the pre-production process, and today marked the official start to Re-Shoot Pre-Production Meeting Season. Our first meeting was today out at MTV and it went very well. We went over what's already done, what still needs to be done, who's been hired, who needs to be hired, and what the various deadlines are for completing everything. On a sidenote, the meeting also included a bowl of candy with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, which made it even more of a success in my book. :-)

As of today, the scripts for the scenes we're shooting are (almost) finalized! The "almost" part means that our network execs are happy, we're happy, and now begins the other approval process, which involves running the scripts by various legal departments to make sure that we're not using any names, words, situations, etc. that can't eventually be aired. I suppose at the end of that process, we'll probably be forced to remove the huge orgy sequence which is supposed to take place in a bathtub full of jello featuring naked porn stars who curse repeatedly... but oh well. You win some, you lose some.

The actors we need are all available for our re-shoot date. The only trouble we had was getting the star of the show (the difficult-to-deal-with Michelle Paradise) to commit to the re-shoot date because she kept whining about wanting a huge trailer and how she'd only drink Evian water chilled to 67.1 degrees and if someone didn't remove the damn blue M&Ms from the bowl she was going to hurl it across the room... but we gave her a Valium and she's fine now.

In case you're wondering, I'm doing great, thanks... and no, I'm not on Valium. ;-) I'm very much looking forward to the re-shoot, the re-edit, and the re-submission to the Head Honcho. I feel great about this project and I'm happy to be working on it again.

Well, that's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates! And in the meantime, have a great (and very safe) holiday weekend...


the post-meeting post (or: the game plan)

Well, we had our call with the network execs on Friday to go over our new scenes and the re-shoot budget... and then I revised the scenes over the weekend and turned them in yesterday... and then we had another call with them today... and soon I will be revising the scenes again... and all I can say is: Whew!

The great news is that everything is going well, we're all excited to be working on this, and we're getting close on the scenes!

The other great news is that we now have an official game plan!

Our re-shoot date has been set for June 9. Between now and then, we'll be writing, working on any pre-production stuff that LOGO needs us to do, and getting ready to shoot. After that, we'll spend a week or two in editing, then the network execs will re-submit our pilot to the Head Honcho, and then we'll wait for him to watch the revised pilot, be totally blown away, and give us all Lamborghinis as "congratulations, you got the pickup" gifts...

Okay, well, we probably won't get the cars. ;-)

So there you have it! And now, back to work...


I'm baaaaack....

Okay, before I launch into an update, I should probably set the record straight about my long absence from posting. So, here goes:
--I haven't been in jail as punishment for toilet-papering someone's house.
--I wasn't abducted by aliens and taken to another planet.
--I didn't win the lotto and run off to live in a villa in Spain.
--I didn't skip out on my taxes and run off to live in a tent in a country that doesn't have an extradition agreement with the U.S.
--I didn't quit the blogging business.
--I didn't quit the entertainment business.
--I'm not recovering from sex reassignment surgery.
--I haven't been spending days scouring the city for vanilla creamer.
--I haven't been painting the walls of my office pink and purple as an homage to the MTV building.
--And I'm not going to bore you by continuing this list to include any other things that I haven't/wasn't/didn't do in the 3 very long weeks since my last post...

The sounds of silence you've heard coming from my blog (assuming you have one of those software programs that reads web pages aloud to you, that is) have been because there hasn't been much to report.

We worked on the new scenes that we need to shoot/re-shoot for the pilot, those scenes are in the hands of the network execs, and now we're just waiting. We were supposed to have a meeting with them on Monday to go over their notes, discuss the re-shoot budget, etc., but they had to reschedule... and so now we're trying to have the meeting with them on Friday instead. I think we'll have a much better idea of when we'll be moving forward after that meeting. So I'll have something more to tell you about the progress of our project after that.

And what have I been doing while we've been waiting? Glad you asked...

Well, I shot another commercial a week ago! Soon, in addition to watching me hawk Duracell batteries, PNC Bank services, and Flintstones vitamins, you'll see me on tv talking about how I no longer have plaque psoriasis. :-) For more info on the commercial, feel free to check out the "news" section of my web site.
Note: In case you're wondering, no, I've never actually had plaque psoriasis... but I think I do quite a convincing job in the spot... which is probably why they hired me...

I've also been working on a few more of my own projects (a television series pitch and a feature film script). And I skipped town for a few days on a little vacation, which was quite nice and much better than being in jail, getting abducted by aliens, or painting the walls.

But enough about me! Who cares about me! What we all really care about is bringing "The Rules" to LOGO... and as soon as I have another update on the progress of that, I'll definitely let you know. In the meantime, make sure you get LOGO from your cable provider. That way, when (she says deliberately) we get picked up, you'll be sure not to miss us!

More soon. In the meantime, have a great day! And thank you all for your continuing support...