Ft. Lauderdale recap

This is a bit belated, but I'm back from Ft. Lauderdale and am happy to report that my very first trip there was a smashing success.  I got to hang out at the pride event, meet some of the Logo folks, and the best part:  I got to meet a bunch of Ft. Lauderdalians!!  (Ft. Lauderdidians?) Point being, it was a great time.

To all of you who came up to say hello:  THANK YOU!!  I had a blast at the event and it was so much fun to meet you, take pictures with you, and hear your feedback about the show...  I hope you all had a great time as well.

On a sidenote, my cohort at the event, Paolo from the Big Gay Sketch Show, can be described in one word: FUNNY!  And sweet and charming, as well... so I guess that's more than one word after all.   If you haven't seen BGSS yet, do check it out.  Some of the clips are available on the Logo web site.  It's so, so funny.

And on another sidenote, Ft. Lauderdale is simply beautiful.  Look at that water!  The trees!  The lovely spring rain!  Well, you can't see the lovely spring rain in the photo - but trust me, it was there...

(this was the view from my hotel room - I know, I know, what a terrible place to stay, right?)   ;-)

And finally, because I simply have to treat myself to room service at least once whenever I stay in a hotel, I also took the opportunity to photograph the cute mini-Tabasco that came with my breakfast.  You'll also notice a cup of tea next to it... it was yummy.  

(in case you're wondering, the answer is:  no, I didn't put the Tabasco into my tea)

I'm leaving shortly for Nashville and am really looking forward to the trip.  I will try to post from the film festival, so stay tuned for that.

Also, I have a really funny - well, funny to me - anecdote about being an actor in LA LA land, which I will try to post later today.  Here's a two-word sneak preview:  Clone Wars.  ;-)

More soon!

UPDATE:  An anonymous Nashvillian (Nashvillonian?) wanted to know what I'd be doing out there in Nashville...  Well, other than taking random photos of small Tabasco bottles, I'll be on the "actor turned filmmaker" panel and at a couple of evening events.  See you there!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what events are you doing at the film festival? nashvillians (nashvilladians?) want to know!!

12:43 PM  
Blogger Natazzz said...

(in case you're wondering, the answer is: no, I didn't put the Tabasco into my tea)

*Snigger* Thanks for clearing that up, because for a second that's exactly what I was thinking...

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh.....did you take the tabasco bottle with you...or put it back on the tray..lol

8:50 AM  
Blogger nico said...

i see, i see ... tiny tabasco is this years vanilla coffee creamer ... can't wait for the next upcoming food star

have fun at the panel ... oh and out at the wedding was great!! i highly recommend to bring becca back in season two ... i can do bambieyes, or send tiny german sausages???

how's janice and where???

5:08 AM  
Anonymous Janice said...

nico, I'm here, alive and well, in the Atlanta, Georgia area. A big gay ole hug and wave for you!

"tiny tabasco is this years vanilla coffee creamer"...WOW, what a morning eye opener!!! lol Me, I like coffee to go with my half and half and sugar. Tobasco goes in my Bloody Marys..mmmmm

MP, when are you coming to Atlanta?? huh, huh, pretty,pretty please???

7:16 AM  

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