greetings from the Dinah!

Good morning, all! And greetings from he Dinah Shore Weekend in always-sunny (and always windy) Palm Springs. I've been having a fantastic time out here... I wish I had a bunch of pictures to share but sadly all my grand ideas of taking photos and maybe some videos went right out the window because I've been so busy. But this morning, I was able to take a lovely photo of where I'm writing from:

And here's what I get to look at when I'm not staring at my laptop screen:

Rough life, huh?  ;-)

Sadly, I have to get going (another full day ahead) but I will write more later and give you all the scoop on what's been happening out here - and how I managed to make it through the fashion show without falling on my head.

Have a great day!!!


Blogger Francyne said...

Pretty! Don't get into too much trouble Michelle! Altho isn't that kinda the point of those weekends, hmmmmmm x

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Amylin said...


I saw a video of you at the Fashion Show filmed by someone in the audience, and you totally ROCKED it. I wish i'd been there (France is windy today too but not that funny!) You were the one who surprised me the most!

Have fun lucky lady! What a view!

6:55 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Nice view! Angie and I had thought about coming down, but we both are working this weekend~ so sad.
Wow...you walked the catwalk in a fashion show? Cool.
Have fun!!

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The blogs, the films, XO, (the calwalk:) are great creations. I m so glad to pop into your works on the net randomly.
Greetings from Hungary (you can count on the eastern european fans as well:)

/sorry about my english/

6:12 AM  

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