I'm sitting in the San Francisco airport waiting to catch a flight - which is, sadly, delayed - but the good news is that the delay gives me a little extra time to post about why I'm here...

I came up to the Bay Area a few days ago to speak to students (writers, directors, actors, etc) at the Academy of Art College with Megan Cavanagh. We sat on a stage in a theater that was filled almost to capacity (wow!!!) and we answered questions from the moderator - and then from the students - for over two hours! We covered everything from how Megan got into voiceover work to how "Exes & Ohs" came to be to what would be our dream roles as actors. We both had a great time and everyone at the Academy of Art was incredibly kind to us... Hopefully the students got as much out of the evening as we did - and hopefully we'll get to come back again sometime. If anyone from the Academy of Art reads this: Thank you. :-)

So now I'm headed back to LA LA land to get ready for a couple of upcoming trips... Next weekend is the Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs, then I'm headed to Ft. Lauderdale for their pride event. Woo hoo! But don't expect me to "woo hoo" audibly anytime soon... I have no idea what happened, but my voice slowly started to crackle and squeak into silence yesterday and it's completely gone today. And when I say completely gone, I mean completely gone. As in all I can do is whisper, gone. So if any of you see me at the Dinah and say hi to me and all I offer is a polite smile and wave in return, don't take it personally... it's not that I'm refusing to speak to you - it's that my voice is still refusing to speak.

Of course, if the folks at the Dinah don't provide me with ample vanilla creamer, green M&Ms, and an Evian water chilled to 63.7 degrees, then I very well MAY refuse to speak!!!

Just kidding. ;-)

That's it from here... stay tuned for more updates. I'll bring my laptop to the Dinah with me and will try to do some posts from there. Who knows, maybe I'll even be able to upload some photos!


Anonymous Janice said...

Good to hear from you, MP. So sorry about your voice. :-(
Maybe now is the time to practice your "royal wave" to your minions...errr....legions...I mean your devoted fans.
Now that you're bicoastal, wouldn't you know I FINALLY have a job which I started March 24, the day before my birthday. Dang it, otherwise I could have schlepped down to Ft.Lauderdale for their Pride. Such is life.
Hopefully, your voice will be fine by then.

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Amylin said...

Oh sorry about your voice... it happens to me from time to time, actually every time i'm exhausted. Hope it will get back quickly ;-)

That'd be fantastic if we could have some pictures! I so would like go to Dinah. I'm only coming to L.A and San Francisco in May. Whoot!

Green M&Ms are the best, great choice! Have fun with all your travels!

Prends soin de toi :)

12:00 AM  
Blogger Nurse W said...

I realize that you are not a fan of doing things 'half-assed' but really, does your voice have to apply to this? I thought you were over the bronchitis! Thanks for updating your blog!
Please please please take good care of yourself, you are nothing without your health.

12:55 AM  
Anonymous emi dalyn said...

I recently "discovered" you on afterellen.com and I must say, you are amazingly funny! I can't wait until Exes and Ohs is out on DVD! I hope everything works out for you and that you get your voice back... I know, it's such a drag. =]


4:23 PM  
Blogger nico said...


take care of your voice ... please ... and give that girl her green m&m's ... even though i like the rasberry ones best, or the ones with dark chocolate ... by the way, over easter my nephew learned a new word, surprisingly it's chocolate =D

anyway, i am happy, because i'll see becca again, unfortunately she'll be called risa and i got no sight of sam yet, but i'm looking forward to it anyway ... so yes, it is enchanted filmfestival time again, and i'm going to see out at the wedding which sounds very promising, besides miss friedlander has an excellent reputation since the ten rules =D ... so becca will be in it hip hip hooray ... and the funny coincidence is, that because the pics at imdb are this tiny i mixed miss cathy debuono up with miss jill bennet (dark hair in the same lenght, very confusing!!) and found out that she played in a movie calles x's and o's which i thought was spelled incorrect besides i couldn't remember a vivian in exes and oh's plus she totaly didn't looked like becca at all ... anyway, i think i should eat less sugar =D
have a great day, over here we finally have spring ... maybe that's the cause for all this motormouthing ... or is it motorkeyboarding??? do i have to wear a helmet to do that? questions over questions... anyway =D

waving to janice
and big gay hugs

4:14 AM  

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