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Hi folks... not much to report right now since everyone's just getting back into the swing of things post-Memorial Day. So I thought I'd check out some of the most recent comment postings and then comment back to all of you while I'm waiting for something project-related to happen. Sounds like fun, huh?!? :-)

Well, if not, feel free to ignore the rest of this posting... but if that does sound like fun, then read on!

To Janice: No, I wasn't kidding about the orgy sequence in the bathtub. Well, okay, I was... how'd you guess? Am I that transparent??? I hope you're feeling better, by the way. The surgery-recovery process sounds like a nightmare. Keep your spirits up! It'll all be better soon and before you know it you'll be driving your car and toilet papering your neighbors houses once again!

To Nico: Help! I'm grasping at straws here... dredging up the toilet-papering thing (which I mentioned in a post far too long ago for it to be funny anymore) in a sad attempt to make Janice laugh. Say something funny, will ya? Oh, and in answer to your earlier question, yes I will happily work in Europe - but only if I get to toilet paper a very large castle. (see...I just can't let the toilet-papering die!)

To Alana: I'd already listened to your music and you have quite the voice! Keep singin'!

To Henchman #4: The someone in Sam Scribner's writing group was me, actually. But thanks for checking in about that... You didn't think I was trying to steal someone else's story idea, did you??? Sam would stick his hand down from heaven and swat me for that. And now I'm curious to know which of Sam's proteges are you...

To anyone else who's been reading my blog: Thanks for doing so. I appreciate all the support.

Until next time...


Anonymous Janice said...

Hey, Michelle! Thanks for making me laugh! I didn't expect you to post again so soon.
I wonder where nico's been. Hope she's ok.I'd hate to think you have an actively posting "fan club" of just one. (I know there has to be at least a couple more of us out there).
Take care. Keep on truckin' with "The Rules."

7:39 PM  
Blogger nico said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:10 AM  
Blogger nico said...

hnng... one should be able to do corrections... especially me!

janice: everything's fine! i just went off because of the unwritten law that everytime i don't look michelle will add minimum 2 posts. and you know, i do everything i can to keep you entertained =D

michelle: ok... say something funny... ?!? and now?
anyway... the commercial...mwuahaha...that's great! sooooooo... yes! i mean... paris is totally overrated - and we should of course go to vienna afterwards - but!!! i would say it would be the best choice to toiletpaper versaille!

why? - well...

first: it is HUGE
and b: yes! versaille was the one where they forgot the toilets =D

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Alana said...

Wow, you're sweet, I got my own little "to", hehe. Thanks Michelle!

12:15 AM  
Blogger nico said...

what a disaster! america lost 0:3 against czech republik! *sigh what do you mean you don't know what i'm talking about??? hello we have a football world cup going on here... =D
i hope shooting works better than scoring... and no czechs are involved in your team, and if there are some, i hope they don't make you look as stupid as kacey keller ... hnnng, do you know nothing? ... thats your goalie! how can you be so ignorant?? =D

ah and yes... next game is on saturday... unfourtunately against italy... this is indeed a tough group! ... i'll keep you up to date =D

1:39 AM  
Blogger nico said...

oh how i enjoy the film business.... most of the time you spend waiting =D

but a thing i'm asking myself for a while now... why is there a handicaped sign showing up at the wortbestätigung? i mean, do they wanna test if we are retarded? in that case me is, because most of the time i make a mistake typing it =D

6:21 AM  

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