2 days to D-Day

Yes, folks, that's right... just two more days until D-Day ("Decision" day, that is). Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for us on Friday morning when, in a conference room on the upper floor of a large building in the heart of Manhattan, our network executives and their bosses will finally present our pilot presentation to the Big Boss, who will make the final decision about our show. We could get the news as early as Friday afternoon... or possibly we'll have to wait until Monday... so you may need to keep crossing your appendages over the weekend, which may interfere with any plans you may have to do things like drive a car, dial a phone, or eat. But hey, it's worth it, right! ;-)

Check back here for updates... as soon as I get the word (well, as soon as I get the word and I'm near a computer), I'll post with -- hopefully -- excellent news!

But in the meantime, you may be wondering what the hell we've been doing... Have we been twiddling our thumbs waiting? Staring at the pink and purple walls of the MTV building? Have we run out of vanilla creamer?

The answers to those questions are no, no, and yes-and-no.

As for the thumb-twiddling, we haven't had time because along with the pilot presentation (which, obviously, has already been shot and edited), the network wants to present some sample storylines for where the show could go in its first season. So yours truly has been spending lots of time bouncing around ideas with Billy, writing them down, sending them to our network execs, getting notes back... then bouncing new ideas, writing them down (along with revised versions of previous ideas), sending them off, getting more notes back... etc. Which basically means that I've had no time to twiddle because I've been typing. Which is a good thing, because I'd much rather be typing than twiddling.

As for staring at the pink and purple walls, we left our offices in the MTV building about a week and a half ago when we completed the final tweaks on the pilot presentation. Since then, "going to work" has consisted of taking my laptop to various restaurants and coffeeshops where they don't mind writers hanging out for hours on end... When you walk into a place and no longer need to look at the menu, you know you've been spending a lot of time there. When you walk into a place and the server immediately brings you your drink order, you know you need to start getting your mail forwarded there. ;-)

And as for the vanilla creamer, the "no" of the yes-and-no means that somewhere there's still a half-full box of vanilla creamer just waiting to be placed in the kitchen of our new offices and as soon as we get picked up and move into our new offices, we will once again have access to it... The "yes" of the yes-and-no means that since we have not yet been picked up, we currently have no offices, and therefore we have no access to that half-full box of creamer. The horror!! Fortunately, I'm a resourceful gal and have discovered a brand new invention: grocery stores. So at least I have vanilla creamer in my home (if not in my various restaurant-offices).

So there you have it. The scoop on what's been happening in the very long time since I last posted. Thank you to those of you who have made comments to these posts... it's nice to know there are folks out there who are rooting for us.

And on that note, I'd like to end this post by giving a "shout out" (as the kids say) to Janice, a freqent blog-reader, contributor-of-comments, and wisher-of-good-luck. Happy belated birthday Janice!!! I'd offer to sing the "happy birthday" song for you, but trust me when I say you should be grateful that blogs are sound-free... Cheers!

Now start crossing those fingers and toes everyone! :-)


Anonymous Janice said...

Aww, jeez. Thanks a bunch for the belated happy birthday. I appreciate it. That's really sweet of you. Mentally, I'm blushing, looking down at the ground, and scruffing my shoe around in the dirt. I'm also feeling a little less blue about being another year older.
I just happened to check your blog this evening for any updates, and yippee, there it was.
I'll be chilling and waiting patiently for the next update in your saga.
I'm sending positive decision-making thoughts to the BIG GUY/GUYS involved. If they have any brains at all, they should love the work you've submitted thus far.
Just my two cents, anyway.
While we're all waiting, I'm sending enthusiastic,creative, positive vibes your way, okay?
Good luck.

8:35 PM  
Blogger nico said...

ok, so i keep staying a total knot for a few more days.
and have you ever thought about the meaning of mean-time? my back can ache some stories =D but speeking of mean... harrumph... who said this blog is soundfree ... audiomessages can be posted by phone ...tadaaah.

so me is waiting for the decision AND the happy birthday song for janice... come on, some diversion is good for you, and before you start biting your nails...?

but anyway... good luck to you.
and don't let them set the dvd release dates tooo far away, i'm dying over here =D

3:52 AM  
Anonymous Alana Franklin said...

If you ever need more storylines for your shows, take a trip to Lemoore, California. I could definitely tell you some stories.

Good luck and my fingers are double crossed. (It is indeed possible!)

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Janice said...

March 31,2006
I went to bed early for me, falling asleep around 1:30am during a new "The Click List" (short films)on Logo.
A few minutes ago, I saw Kim Gandy, President of NOW on "Good Morning America." I used to know her twenty-something years ago when I was married and living in New Orleans.
Yeah,married- I was kinda slow and in denial about being queer, but that was then, this is now. Different generations, dontcha know.
Air America Radio turns two today.
Birthdays today include Shirley Jones (I had a crush on her!), Herb Alpert, Richard Chamberlain (I had a crush on him!),Christopher Walken, Rhea Pearlman, and Al (he wuz robbed!!)Gore.
So, Michelle, I guess the gist of this is that it's gonna be a really good day today. Here's hoping!
Keeping all appendages crossed for you, Michelle, as much and as often as I possibly can.
Take care!

6:03 AM  
Blogger nico said...

i just have to mention that i'm sooooooooooo excited...
maybe they decide right now!

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Janice said...

Hi. Just checking in. No updates yet, huh?
Okey dokey. I can chill longer, like over the the entire weekend or as long as it takes.(Does the time change go into effect this weekend?)
I hope you're doing well, Michelle,and that your appendages aren't too bent out of shape.
In the words of the ministress of silly talks who posted so wisely above:

1:54 PM  

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