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Apparently my family, friends, and the vanilla coffee creamer providers at Viacom/MTV/VH1/LOGO are not the only ones who read this blog, because someone posted a comment the other day asking what it feels like to wait as the folks at the network determine the fate of our project.

Well, first of all, thanks for asking! Second of all, thanks for reading!
(or should I say thanks for reading and then thanks for asking??)

Either way, the point is that I'm happy to respond.

The thing is, we still have a lot to do right now and so it doesn't yet feel like we're in waiting mode... Lee is spending her days with her temporary husband (as she calls our editor) working to put together her director's cut of the pilot presentation. Meanwhile, Billy and I are going through every single moment that was captured on film during our 5 day shoot. With hours a day, every day, still devoted to this project, there's a way in which the outcome still feels like it's partially in our hands. After all, we're determining the shots we choose, the angles, the takes, the way one scene flows into another, etc., and so the quality of the finished product is something we can control. Of course, the LOGO execs aren't kicking back in barcaloungers and sipping mai tais as they wait for us to finish... they're still actively involved. In fact, we have three full rounds of reviews with them before the final final will be ready to go to New York.

But then, of course, we will wait. And what will that waiting feel like? Wow, it's hard to say... At the moment, I'm still working so much that any kind of nervous anticipation doesn't have time to sink in. In fact, the more I see of the dailies, the more confident I am in the quality of the project we've created...

However, I'm also acutely aware that my opinion isn't the one that counts at the end of the day. Fortunately, though, the people who are making the final decision aren't the type of people to take it out on others if they miss their morning caffeine fix. ;-) They genuinely care about their network, their programming, and this project... And that's good news for us, because we know that this project will be judged on its merits -- not on a whim.

I'm sure I'll feel a bit anxious once it's out there in the world and out of my hands. But I also feel this odd sort of calm around it all that I don't quite know how to explain (and that I don't expect to change). It's kind of a "whatever will be, will be" feeling... Perhaps it comes from the fact that I've worked on this on and off for so long. I mean, 8 years ago, when I first developed the concepts and characters that would become the short film that would become this pilot presentation, I had no idea where any of that would lead. I could never have imagined this. And now that we're here, I can't imagine how it won't continue... Here's hoping the network agrees!


Blogger Everette said...

I can't tell you how excited I am about this project, developing, as it is, I take it, from your brilliant short film, "Ten Rules!"

You've been blessed with an amazing talent, on paper, and on screen.

Please don't pull too tight on your reins of creativity!


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