Day 3...

Day 3 was great!!!!

Today was our first day at our new location on a yacht in Marina Del Rey... we'll spend Thursday and Friday there as well.

It's amazing how well everything went, considering the fact that we were on the water and given how much we had to get done in such a short time span. Days like today remind you that the crew, which never gets enough in the "thank you" department, deserves a hell of a lot of the credit for keeping things moving and giving the director time to get her shots. We got through three different scenes in three different areas in and around the yacht PLUS a sunlight shot of the yacht pulling away from the dock. And it all turned out looking gorgeous!!! (or so I'm told...since I was in front of the camera all day) Our crew is truly phenomenal... not only are they all good at what they do, they're also quite a nice, friendly, and mellow bunch of men and women. It's such a pleasure to work with all of them. We're lucky to have gotten them for this project.

Days like today also remind you that a director does a lot more than just call "action." As one example, since we were a bit ahead of schedule early in the morning, Lee moved a scene from the end of the day up to mid-day so we could shoot it before lunch. Even though we were really close on the timing (on union sets, you have to pay costly penalties for not getting your crew out to lunch on time), Lee put her foot down and insisted we finish shooting it. Thanks to her decision, we ended up having a lot more time to prep/shoot a different scene on the deck of the yacht, one which is much more important to Jennifer's emotional journey in the episode. Had Lee not made that call, we may have had to skimp on the more important scene in order to be able to film the other scene before the end of the day. Not only that, but when we were filming the important scene, she gave me some notes that were right-on and allowed me to "feel" what I was saying rather than "act" it. Great stuff, I tell ya!

On a semi-related sidenote, I have pictures of a lot of the things we did today... but unfortunately I accidentally left my camera on set so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see them. In the meantime, please continue to enjoy the picture from Day 1 of me with the fuzzy boom mic...

Check in for the update on Day 4 tomorrow!


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