the table read!

At long last... the table read!!!

After months of writing and casting, we finally had all of our actors in the same place at the same time sitting around the same table and reading aloud from the same script. It was great!!! Not only was it the first time I'd ever heard the dialogue read aloud by anyone other than Billy or I, it was also the first time during this whole project that I've gotten to wear my actor hat -- and only my actor hat.

But of course the writer in me was still paying attention... it was so much fun to hear what the actors were bringing to their roles, and then to think about what more we could do with those roles with such talented people on board.

On a related sidenote, I have to say that our cast is amazing! Between them, they've done big films, little films, lots of television, and quite a bit of theater. Some you may recognize, some you may not, but (fingers crossed) you'll become quite familiar with all of them soon enough... :-)

But back to the read, which went very well, by the way... there was fun, there was laughter, and there was one person (I won't mention who) who even danced a gleeful little jig when it was done (okay, it was me). After the read, all the actors left and Lee, Billy, and I stayed in the room with the network execs, our costume designer, and our hair/makeup supervisor to review each character and decide what, if anything, would need to be done to help the actors fit their characters. For example, when discussing my character, Jennifer, we all agreed that the "look" for me is a mohawk and tongue stud, so I'm headed to the Piercing Depot tomorrow morning and then to Harry's World o' Hair once I'm no longer required to hold ice on my tongue.


Anyhow, after all the hair/makeup stuff, we discussed final script tweaks with the network and then trotted back to the office, where many more things happened... including Round 5 of the winking bunny in the green green grass discussion. ;-)

And after a very long day I finally left the office to come home, where I now sit with a huge grin on my face because today, finally, it felt like all the pieces were coming together... We have a cast!!! We're probably one draft (two tops) away from a final script!!! Tomorrow is the final location scout!!! And next week at this time, I'll have finished my first day of shooting. I can't wait...


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