a day in the life...

A day in my life... by Michelle Paradise.

9am: Arise to the smell of fresh coffee brewing and breakfast being cooked by one of my 5 live-in chefs.
11am: Massage, followed by aromatherapy treatment and chakra alignment.
12:45pm: Stretch limo picks me up for work.
1:15pm: Arrive at work. All the network executives are standing in the parking lot in a single file line applauding me. They roll out the red carpet. I grace them with my presence for a moment.
1:16pm: The moment's over. I go to lunch.
3pm: Begin to walk into the office, then realize that I've nearly forgotten about my afternoon session with my personal trainer. Whistle for stretch limo. Leave work.
4pm: Work out with personal trainer.
5:30pm: Arrive home to the smell of dinner being cooked by another of my 5 live-in chefs.
7:30pm: Hear an odd sound... it's almost like... vaccuums?
7:31pm: Wipe drool off my desk as I wake up and realize that I've been daydreaming again... and that I'm still at the office.

Whoops! So much for glamour!

"Well," you say, "if the life of a woman turning a short film into a possible television show isn't glamorous, then what is it?"

Glad you asked... it's actually a lot of multi-tasking and multi-hatting. The day did start at 9am... but by then I was already wearing my writer's hat and fielding questions from our producer about some things that had been cut in the new draft of the script. Then there were various and sundry things of a multi-tasking nature to be done until early afternoon, when I began multi-hatting, wearing both my exec producer and actor hats for a meeting with our costume designer to discuss the "look" of my character and the other characters in the show. After that, I put the actor hat away and joined the other exec producers to look at the VERY funny mockups of logo designs for something in the series.

On a sidenote, I'd like to state for the record that one can never underestimate the importance of a creative production designer... and ours is excellent!

But back to my day. After reviewing logos, it was off to a meeting where we discussed the various locations we've locked down and those that are still pending (also an exec producer function); but during the meeting, it came up that the script may need to be shifted depending on locations, shooting schedule, network feedback, and so on (where's my writer's hat, dammit?). So now here I am at 7:30pm, back in the office with just the writer's hat on (I found it...whew), brainstorming alternatives for rewriting the things that may need to shift.

Speaking of rewriting, didn't somebody say that writing IS rewriting? Oh, yes, they did... but I was too busy writing to check into who said it. By the way, don't expect an answer on that from me tomorrow either. We have a script notes meeting in the morning to go over our latest version of the pilot, which means I'll be writing again. Yes, with my writer's hat on. And probably also my exec producer's hat on, since I'll be thinking of locations while writing. And possibly, I'll be wearing my actor's hat as well just for the hell of it, because multitasking is much more fun when you're multi-hatting. :-)


Anonymous jessica donnheimer said...

my hat has a feather in it. i hope yours has some cool effect, too. keep rockin' michelle paradise!! JD

7:59 PM  

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