script rewrites

Happy birthday to me! Yes, folks, I'm 26 (again) today and I'm spending my birthday in the best possible way I can imagine: doing rewrites on the pilot script!!! And no, I'm not being facetious... really, this is great! We got notes from the network on Monday and I spent that night and most of the day Tuesday working on changes. Then I handed off the script to my partner Bill. Yesterday we met, did a page-by-page comparison of his notes and my changes, and I'm now in the process of completing the rewrite. After I'm done, we'll give it to Lee for her notes... and then turn it back into the network. Now that we have a cast (more on the casting process later), it's even more exciting to write because we get to write with those actors' voices in mind. We're coming up with some really great stuff, if I do say so myself... :-)

Back to it!! More soon...


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