the last workday before shooting!

Wow... the past two days have been a whirlwind. Somehow, after arriving in the mornings, I've found myself at my computer at the end of the day and wondering how I got there -- and what happened in between. There were cast wardrobe selections (including mine), cast rehearsals, bunny-in-the-green-green-grass logo finalization discussions, various meetings that I no longer remember, and a seemingly endless quest to come up with a better joke than the one we had in the script that had to be cut for reasons pertaining to things of a corporate nature.

But here I am at 7:45pm on a Friday night and the end result of it all is that we're ready to go. Final scripts are going out to the cast and crew tonight. Mr. Joe gave me the official first completed actor "sides" (small sheets with just the scenes that are going to be filmed each day so actors only memorize their lines for that day). I have directions to the cafe where we're shooting on Monday morning. And I've mentally prepared myself for the fact that I'll have to arrive at -- say it with me, folks -- 5:30am. Yikes! I've also cleared my calendar so that I spend the entire weekend doing virtually nothing... that way, I'll actually be awake and ready to go when Monday morning arrives.

This is so exciting!! I'll try to post at the end of each day... but we'll see how it goes. Keep lots of happy thoughts for us in your heads! Our schedule is going to be incredibly tight each day, but we're really looking forward to all of it. We're going to make a kickass pilot!!!

About 60 hours to go!!! Let the countdown to Day 1 begin...


Anonymous Francyne said...

Good luck when shooting starts....

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