Day 4...

Day 4 is... whew... in the can!

This post will be a short one. It's been quite a long day and yours truly is so tired that when I went to call my sister from my cell phone during the drive home, I couldn't understand why I wasn't hearing anything... and it was because I'd put the earpiece in my ear but I didn't actually stick it into the actual phone. ;-)

Instead, I will share lots of pictures (see below) and say simply that today was a testament to the power of teamwork. We had so much stuff to get and so little time to get it, but somehow we got everything we really needed. Literally, we had about a minute to spare before we started hitting overtime for the entire crew. Yikes! It's a good thing we all like each other and get along. The mood on the set was a bit stressed, but still really good and everyone had a great time... especially when working with the AMAZING Sheryl Lee Ralph, who was our guest star today. She's so talented and funny. We were lucky to get her.

And now, the promised pictures... I'll do them in order of a typical day.

Early Morning Arrival: Drop stuff off in the trailer that I probably won't see again until the end of the day (trailers are labeled by character name... I'm "Jennifer")

Immediately After Arrival: Makeup and hair! (the photo on top is me; the second photo is Marnie, who plays my best friend Sam, with Sian for makeup and Brynn for hair; the bottom photo is Heather, who plays my assistant)

The Rest of the Day: Work! (the first shot is a look at us on location; the three shots below that are of a scene we shot on Day 3 of me and Marnie, aka Sam, at my car unloading gifts as we head onto the boat behind us for a wedding)

Every Now and Then: A break in between scenes! (the first photo is of Angie, who plays Kris, having a little chat with Heather; the second photo is of me with Mister Joe)

End of Day: Go Home and Write in Blog for Friends.

No, I'm not going to include a picture of me writing in my blog. :-)

Tomorrow's our very last day of shooting... stay tuned!!!


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