oh, the glamor...

It's been a few days since I wrote a post and you're probably thinking to yourself: "Oh, the glamorous life of those who create TV shows... she's probably out breakfasting with TomKat, lunching with Spielberg, jotting notes on napkins while having tea at the Ivy, and then rushing off in her brand new Porsche to have dinner with and pitch a feature script idea to Brangelina."

And if that's what you're thinking, you're damn close. Except for the TomKat, Spielberg, Ivy, Porsche, and Brangelina parts... ;-)

Actually, as I'm sure I've mentioned, I've been spending my days holed up in my office with Billy watching VHS tapes of every single moment of every single thing we shot over five days and taking notes. By the time we finished yesterday afternoon, I literally had about 15-20 pages of my legal pad scrawled with timecodes, comments, stars, exclamation points, and the occasional coffee stain. Tedious is really the only word I can use to describe the process of watching dailies... but it was all definitely worth it. Because when we went into the editing room today for the first time to give notes on Lee's cut of the pilot, we were totally prepared. The work we'd done enabled us to go moment by moment with them and suggest alternate takes of certain moments (if necessary). And it definitely helped us watch her cut with better-trained eyes, which will only make the finished product even better.

So, no, I haven't lunching with famous folks at famous places... but I have been lunching with my partners in a non-descript editing room (thanks to the Fabulous Mister Joe, who brings takeout to the editing room for us). And I have to say that the more work we do on this, the more excited I get! Lee's cut looked good when Billy and I first saw it, and it's looking better now, and it's only going to get better as we get notes back... It's collaboration at its finest, folks. And really, who needs "glamor" when you have this??? (and no, that's not a rhetorical question... I'll take this any day of the week)

Bye for now! :-)


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