the drawing (or, rather, writing) board

Well, folks, we're back at work on "The Rules" pilot presentation! Yours truly has been spending her time writing, re-writing, and re-re-writing a new scene while the rest of the team figures out budgets, schedules, and things of a non-writing nature. Personally, I'm happy to be focused on the writing. :-)

Unlike our experience putting together the original version of the pilot presentation, this time we are not in the hallowed halls of the MTV building; we're working from our respective homes. So instead of staring at the pink and purple MTV walls, being reprimanded by building security for having candles on our desks (okay, I admit it: I was the only one reprimanded), and listening to the same tranquility-inducing CD on repeat for days on end, I'm at home looking at my soothing earthtone walls, enjoying an obscene number of candles blazing away on my desk (actually, there are only two), and listening to the same tranquility-inducing CD on repeat for days on end...

Instead of random visits to my work office by various production folks who want to discuss the winking bunny in the green, green grass, I get random visits to my home office by a meowing cat who wishes I'd brought home the winking bunny in the green, green grass for her to play with (instead, she has to make due with a stuffed mouse and some catnip)...

And instead of mid-day trips to the local corporate eatery, I take mid-day trips to my kitchen (during which I'm generally followed by the aforementioned cat, who prays every day that I'll make a tuna sandwich)...

All of which is to say that this experience is different... and still quite wonderful. We're all excited about the opportunity to do some things that will make this project better (and, yes, more sell-able to the Powers-That-Be). So stay tuned for updates!! I'll have more soon. But now, I must go. I'm sure there's a candle that needs to be lit. Or a cat that needs to be fed.


Anonymous Janice said...

Oh, boy! I get to be the first to post to your latest update! Lucky me!
Anyhoo, things sound like they're going well.
I like reading what you're writing here. It's funny, witty and charming. You're very talented as well as unique in that you,IMO, are equally adept at writing as well as performing. I've only seen you thusfar in "Ten Rules," which I adored and lmao. I thought it was so reflective of the "lesbian community." From what I've read here, and seen with "Ten Rules," you and "Jennifer" seem almost interchangeable.
I hope I'm making myself understood.
Anyway, I'm sending gobs of encouraging, positive vibes your way, still asking for the Universe to ultimately provide.

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Mania said...

I would kinda like to know, what you're doin when you've got a lack of inspiration. I mean, those scenes must be written and i guess there is no time for a pause between the writing, is there?

4:44 AM  

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