season 1 DVD update (if you're having trouble ordering)

I've heard that some of you are having difficulties ordering the DVD through LOGO, possibly due to stocking issues on their end (which is annoying for you, I'm sure - but isn't completely a bad thing, because it means lots of people are buying their "Exes & Ohs!").

If you're unable to order through Logo, please try through Amazon. They seem to have plenty in stock.

Happy watching!


Anonymous Janice said...


Hey, MP. I just wanted to let you know the other morning I saw an add on Logo for the "Exex&Ohs" DVD. It was on at about 1:30am, but when I saw it I squealed like a fangirl. Good going!

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Janice said...


Hey, Michelle. Congrats on making The 2008 AfterEllen.com Hot 100!!
Way to go!!!!!!!

11:52 PM  
Anonymous emi said...

You deserved the NNN award.

3:12 AM  

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