off to Dinah

Yes, the title says it all... I'm off to the Dinah Shore weekend in just a few hours! I'll be doing quite a lot while I'm there, including some things that may eventually end up on the Logo web site (so stay tuned!).

But before I go, I wanted to address the questions from Francyne and Nico, who are wondering if they'll be able to see "Exes & Ohs" in England or the rest of Europe. The short answer is: Most likely. The longer answer - as in, "how?" - I don't have a definite answer for just yet. However, if you're on iTunes, you'll notice that many of Logo's shows are available there for download. There's no word yet on whether my show will eventually be there, but that's one possibility. Also, Logo has made some of its other shows available via DVD, so that's another possibility.

Ultimately, the best way to ensure that you'll be able to see the show somehow is to write to Logo, let them know where you live on this lovely planet of ours, and tell them that YOU MUST HAVE "EXES & OHS!" (well, maybe skip the caps or they'll think you're yelling at them) You can contact them by clicking here.

And on a sidenote, it's very exciting to me that I've finally figured out how to create a link within my blog. Woo hoo! In fact, I'm having so much fun that I'm going to put more up here... Want to visit my web page? Or my myspace page? Or maybe you just need a kitten fix. Isn't this fun?!?

Okay, clearly, I need a vacation. Hmmm... where to go? Oh, what the hell, maybe I'll just go to Palm Springs. It's always so quiet there, so relaxing... It'll be just me, a good book, the cactus plant near the pool...

And five billion lesbians. :-)


opening credits!

Good news! The afterellen web site wrote another blurb about our show - and they put our opening credits up on their web site! I copied the code so that you can watch the credits from here too. Just click the "play" button below...

To see what afterellen had to say, go to http://www.afterellen.com/blwe/03-16-2007

And, of course, you can always let the folks at Logo know what you think about the credits (personally, I think they did an amazing job). They LOVE to get feedback about their shows... even shows that aren't on the air yet. You can contact them at http://www.logoonline.com/about/contact.jhtml



another appearance added

One more event has been added for yours truly at the Dinah!

Check it out at http://www.afterellen.com/dinah

Another post will be coming soon, I promise...


let the promotion train start chugging!

Yep, you read that correctly... the promotion train has officially started chugging! Which means that yours truly has been scheduled for her first gig to promote "Exes & Ohs."

I'll be at the Dinah Shore weekend at the end of March participating in oodles of activities along with some of the gals from another of Logo's upcoming shows, "Curl Girls." I'm also happy to report that my dear friend, actress Michelle Wolff ("Dante's Cove"), will be at the Dinah as well.

For more info on the event (and to see the first official "Exes & Ohs" cast photo to be released), visit http://www.thedinah.com/saturday.html

Woo hoo!