wow, this is a long overdue post...

Thank you all for your patience - and for the messages you've sent just checking in and saying hi to me. I really appreciate it. And rituximab, my apologies for leaving the same old stuff up on the blog for you to read after work... Bad Michelle, bad! I could offer a million excuses, from the slow/painful death of my old laptop to the lingering chest cold that's been lingering a few weeks too long - but let's just be honest: I need to get back on the ball!!! So here I am, on the ball. :-)

So let's get the ball rolling with a bunch of updates...


First, some FANTASTIC news:

"Exes & Ohs" was nominated for a GLAAD media award as Best Comedy Series! We're in absolutely amazing company, as you can see from the list of nominees:

Desperate Housewives (ABC)
Exes and Ohs (Logo)
The Sarah Silverman Program (Comedy Central)
Ugly Betty (ABC)
The War at Home (Fox)

One word: WOW!!! :-) It's an incredible honor to be included in that category and it just says so much about all the work that everyone did on the series: our crew, our actors, our network execs, the entire Logo team... Everyone poured their hearts into this project and I think it really shows. I couldn't be more proud of what we've accomplished - and the nomination itself feels like a huge win for all of us...

If anyone from the GLAAD nominating committee is reading this blog, then please accept this huge THANK YOU on behalf of all of us for this recognition...


Shifting gears a little, how about some PR news:

In case you haven't seen it yet, I'm featured in the current issue of Curve Magazine (it's a really nice article). If you don't get Curve where you live and are just dying to see what pearls of wisdom I might have to share, you can order the issue via their web site by clicking here.

Also, I'm going to be a guest on Fruit Salad radio at 7:45pm (PST) this Wednesday night! For details, check out the Fruit Salad web site.

And last but certainly not least, yours truly will be making oodles of appearances at the upcoming Dinah Shore weekend - including participating in a fashion show!!! I know... "yikes" was my first thought, too! ;-) For information about the weekend, you know what to do! (click here)


What else:

I've been spending a lot of time working on a new project that I'm really excited about and proud of. I think I've alluded to it on the blog before (or on my web site - I don't remember which). I still can't say much about it right now - but I expect that in the not-so-distant future I'll have some really good news to report on it... Keep your fingers crossed for me!


And on a personal note:

I'd like to take a moment to encourage all of you to recycle any electronics (televisions, laptops, cell phones, iPods, etc.) that you no longer need. There are a lot of places that offer recycling - but sadly, many companies simply ship the electronics to developing nations where they end up in landfills or along rivers and roads, polluting the local environment and exposing people to toxic chemicals. There was a great article about this in a recent National Geographic, if you'd like to read more.

It takes a bit of research to find "green" electronics recycling, but those companies are out there. A great place to start is GreenDisk. All of the material that GreenDisk collects is reused or recycled. No hazardous materials or obsolete components go overseas to be processed or disposed of.

Apple also offers free "green" recycling of iPods and cell phones (any cell phone - not just iPhones). Click here for information. They also have recycling programs for other Apple products.

And in case you're wondering: Yes, my sad, dead laptop is being recycled in a "green" way at this very moment... :-)


I guess that's about it for now. Thank you all for continuing to read. And please keep checking back here for new posts... I promise they'll come more regularly!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

(and a special p.s. to the anonymous teen for his/her comment post... thank you so much for commenting, and I'm really happy that I could help in some way...)