someone thinks I'm amazing, despite being a bronze popsicle-head

Breaking news: Power Up has selected me as one of their 10 amazing gay women in showbiz for 2007! If you'd like to see a blurb about it, click here.

The award is cool because in order to even be considered, you have to be nominated by at least two people... then Power Up selects the recipients from all the nominees. Nominations are anonymous so I have no idea who thinks I'm amazing, but I'm certainly grateful and excited about it!

Oh, and when you click the link to read the article, you'll be able to enjoy a truly frightening press photo of me. A little advice for any of you who are planning to walk a red carpet in the future: When you have your makeup professionally done, and you plan to wear something sleeveless, make sure the makeup artist takes the time to blend your face color to your actual skin color. Otherwise, you'll look like bronze popsicle head on top of a white stick. Oooh, perty! ;-)


Anonymous rjp said...

Fantastic about you Power Up nomination. Can total stardom be far away? The pic wasn't as bad as you implied, but I think you had a piece of spinach between your teeth.

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Janice said...

Michelle, that is sooooo fantastic!!! I am very happy for you.
Regarding the photo-I think all of you that is to be "exposed" could use a bit of sun, especially when standing next to Marnie Alton.:-)
Hey, I googled "power up michelle paradise"(without the quotation marks) and came up with three current links to the story, not counting the afterellen article. They were from advocate.com, gaylinkcontent.com and connexion.org. Way to go woman!
Also, I clicked on your name above the aforementioned photo and up popped a link to The Julie Goldman Celesbian Interviews Special.
I hadn't seen that "interview" before. It was fall down laughing hysterically funny. Were you guys adlibbing??
Congrats, MP. Power Up, I'm truly impressed.
(PS-hi, nico!!!)

9:58 AM  
Blogger nico said...

call me someone ;D

keeping my fingers crossed for you getting the award.

yay!!! finally we got back to the lobsterclaws, i missed them =D

7:29 AM  
Blogger nico said...

oh i forgot

waving to janice

7:30 AM  

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