interview on Velvet Park

An interview that I did at the Dinah Shore Weekend with Velvet Park magazine is now online...

You can check it out by clicking here. Look for my name in the list to the right of the video window.

Happy watching!


Anonymous Janice said...

Hiya again! I liked the clip with your interview on Velvet Park. I liked your longer hair and it looks like you may have added a couple of pounds and didn't seem as thin, IMO. (That's a compliment, okay Michelle?). You looked quite hot!
You "talk" quite well with your hands.
I had to watch the clip without the sound,even so, it made me laugh. I watched without sound as gf is trying to go to sleep. She's on pain meds as she broke her leg a couple of weeks ago, which caused us to have to cancel our vacation at the last minute. She's in a "boot" and having to use crutches. Plus a few days before that, we found out a really good friend of hers died quite unexpectedly on Mother's day (she was only 50). Also, one of Beth's (my gf's name) uncle passed away, and I volunteered to drive her to New Orleans for the memorial service. (She can't drive yet as she can't feel the gas pedal with her big ole clunky boot).
Last but not least, and the most upsetting to me, is that my "geriatric" kitty appears to be really, really, sick, and I don't think he'll be with us much longer. Had two trips to the vet, he's losing weight and not eating... :(
Anyway, sorry for the depressing ramble.
Thanks SO MUCH though, Michelle, for bringing a bit of much needed "sunshine" to my evening.
I'm still looking forward to "Exes & Ohs" and the your many successes that will follow.
Take care.
Many gay hugs to ya'll.

8:36 PM  
Blogger nico said...

ok ... where shall i start? michelle or janice ... hnnnnnnnng ... hi janice, i hope the drama will soon be over and you can be all giggly again BIG GAY HUG

so, =D this is out of the way ... an ME watched the video WITH sound, and i loved it. it's so great to see you someone talking about something she really loves. no i don't refer to the interviewer asking you to show your backside, silly. you are outstanding witty and fun, but one question, was this woman pretending to not know you??? anyway, i'll go to europride at the end of this months and i'll definitely take my parka with me ;D (madrid - end of june - parka - even if i don't get laid it will be a hot weekend)
oh and i have to share that i watched the ten rules again yesterday, in an overseas skype conference, THAT was fun =D
so you see, i might work slowly, but one by one i'll infect everyone with the paradise-germ ;D
great interview!!! thank you

oh and mini ilene chaiken? excuse me??? what an ignorant prick ... was that supposed to be a compliment??? you are our one and only miss paradise ... and huge ... gigantic ... genormous!!! ;D


5:06 AM  
Anonymous Janice said...

Hey, guys. nico, it's good to see you back. Michelle,I still haven't listened to the clip yet. I forgot about it until just now, and gf is in bed asleep for the night.
Ladies, hug your cats for me (if you have a cat, nico). I had to have my old guy Apollo euthanized this morning. Sniff....
Big gay hugs to both of you guys (Michelle and nico) for managing to make me smile even when I'm sad.

nico wrote: "so you see, i might work slowly, but one by one i'll infect everyone with the paradise-germ."
"Paradise germ." That's priceless, nico! I like that, it's a keeper.
Ya'll take care of yourselves. I'm gonna go now and put some lovin' on my Yorkie Poo Morgan and overweight 3 year old big kitty boy Tommy.
Tomorrow is another day.

8:26 PM  
Blogger nico said...

oh i am so sorry janice ... and unfortunately i have no cat ... i will hug my coworkers instead, i hope that's ok.

poor thing
big gay hug to you too

2:42 AM  
Anonymous Janice said...

Thanks, nico. Give yourself a big ole gay hug for me, okay? Hugging your coworkers is nice.
Hi, Miche. Please keep on acting,writing,producing,being wonderful,geeky-sexy, adorable etc., so that it makes it even easier for us to "infect everyone with the paradise germ."
Oh, and I just watched the Velvet Park interview. Michelle, you were funny, witty, intelligent and quite charming. I wish you had just been there, speaking to the camera all my yourself, 'cause that woman "interviewing' you was incredibly offputting. Ewwwww.If she wasn't kidding that she knew very little about your work, or "Ten Rules," I think that's pathetic. I wish she would have just STFU.
Gosh, you look pretty darn good for 97.
It was great to see and hear you again.
Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop.

7:09 AM  

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