winding down...

Yes, you read that correctly... we're almost done up here - with shooting, anyway. The day before yesterday, we shot the big season finale where Jen is abducted by a UFO being flown by Elvis, making a special beyond-the-grave appearance. Oh, geez... I just realized that's probably top secret. Okay, please don't tell anyone that I told you what the finale is. The network wouldn't be happy about that, especially since scheduling a real live UFO landing AND Elvis' resurrection on the exact same shooting day was such an undertaking... you have no idea... but definitely worth it. We're sure to get big ratings off that once that episode airs!

But now that the UFO has flown away and Elvis has left the building, we've just wrapped two of our actresses (one main character and one recurring character) for the season and they're headed back to the places they call home. The rest of us will be wrapped this coming week. But we all love this project - and one another - so much that we're refusing to talk about the end in the hopes that if we ignore it, we'll just get to keep working even when there's nothing left to shoot. ;-) Point being, we all really enjoy working together and are looking forward to doing it all again... hopefully very soon.

In the meantime, we (the EPs) are finally getting to see some of the finished product! We've just gotten director's cuts for episodes 102 and 103 and should have 104 shortly, which we're looking forward to seeing. Once we finish 105 and 106, that director will do her cut and we'll then have a seasons' worth of episodes to work on in a completely different way! We're really excited about that... And no, we don't know the air date yet, so you'll have to stay tuned (just like me).

I realize I've spent more time writing about the writing and executive producing than I have about the acting, so check back for another post soon about what it's like to be an actor on a show... Until then, have a lovely day!


Anonymous Janice said...

Happy happy joy joy!! Another post from MP, and I'm first to the party!
Michelle, are you psychic or what, as you anticipated my question as to the air date.
I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for an air date sooner than later. (The sooner the better, dammit!!!).
Ya'll have a safe and warm weekend. The temp hit the high teens here in Georgia last night. Brrrrrrrrr!!!!

2:15 PM  

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