past the halfway mark...

Greetings from our no-longer-top-secret shooting location of Vancouver, where we're finally coming out from under one of the biggest snowstorms the northwest has seen in a long, long time! Don't worry, though... it actually works quite nicely for the show!

Speaking of which, we've officially passed the halfway point!!!! 102, 103, and 104 are "in the can," as they say, and we've just started shooting 105 and 106. I can't tell you anything about the stories, obviously, but what I can tell you is that everything looks absolutely gorgeous... you heard it here folks: this is going to be one helluva show. Our DP is phenomenal, our directors are phenomenal, our main cast and guest cast are an incredible bunch of actors, and everyone on the crew - from production design to costumes to lighting to the ADs and so on - is so talented and lovely to work with. It's been such a wonderful shoot thus far... and as I watch the dailies, it's clear that all of that comes through in what we're going to put on screen.

(Explanation: "Dailies" are the DVDs given to the network execs, executive producers, and director so they can watch the scenes that were shot each day)

It's so exciting to see it all start to come together... Really, when I think back to the short film that started it all, I couldn't have envisioned that where the series is going would be so damn good. I'm really excited for it to get on the air so everyone can see it!

In addition to the everyday joy of getting to make this show, we've also (already!) launched into what will later provide the materials for publicity for the show. As you've seen, the network has already sent out a bit of a press release to announce that we're in production... and a few days ago, we had our big gallery shoot!

(Explanation: A "gallery shoot" is a day-long event where you bring a professional photographer to set to take billions of photos of the cast... the photos are later used for anything and everything that the network may need in order to promote the show).

The gallery shoot was a lot of fun... made more so courtesy of Heather and her iPod. At one point, I was having my picture taken as the Muppets were singing in the background. :-)

So that's all the "facts" of what's been happening up here... but I suppose I should also share a bit of what it's been like for me, as I've gotten that question more than a few times... Well, it's been extremely busy and the hours have been quite long, but I have to say that there's NOTHING else I'd rather be doing. I love acting, I love writing, I love being an EP, and I love that in the course of a day I get to flip between all three of those hats. Along the way, I've been learning a lot and I have to say I'm quite proud of the work I've been doing. We haven't even finished shooting the first six episodes yet and I'm already so excited by everything that I can't wait for the network to order more episodes! Obviously, that's a long way off (let's just focus on the present for now, shall we?), but when that happens (she says, fingers crossed) I'll be like a kid in a candy store to get to come back and do more writing, EP-ing, and, of course, acting... Folks, she's found her triple calling! :-)

Anyhow, that's all the news from here. Stay tuned for more! And now, I'm off to prep my scenes for tomorrow...

p.s. You'll notice that I've finally changed the name of this blog to reflect the new title... but don't worry, the blog itself isn't going anywhere! So keep checking back here for more updates!


Anonymous Janice said...

Thanks for the new update, Michelle. It sounds like things are going wonderfully well, and that you are quite a happy camper. That makes me happy! :-)
Just now, while reading this update I was wishing you could write a book after the completion of the first season of "Exes & Ohs." By this I mean the history behind the making of the original short film up through the successful first season of the television series. You could pull so much of it from this blog.
I'm reminded of the book about Priscilla,Queen of the Desert. The book jacket states "The whole truth about the outrageous hit movie! Priscilla. The hilarious story behind The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert." It's written by Al Clark, who also produced Priscilla.
I love that film! (and the book!).
Keith Olbermann's book, The Worst Person in the World also reminds me of your "journey" in a way. (I love Keith, even though he's not "my type.")
Uh oh, I just reread this and felt I must clarify that "Worst Person" is in no way in hell any type of reference to you,Michelle, God forbid!(Janice goes d'oh). Keith (of MSNBC's Countdown) usually makes nightly comments about the really stupid things people can say or do. It's hysterical.
Oh, dear, I feel like I'm digging myself in a hole here.
Anyway, I'm rambling with rambly thoughts about things you could do, as if you aren't doing enough already, you woman with "many hats!"
Take care, and stay warm!

12:39 PM  
Blogger nico said...

i'm just happy that you love what you doing ... no i'm not nice, it's totally selfish ... because i will get a helluvashow??? that was the word ... right?? =D

i didn't expect anything less ;D

have a great time ... and thinking of snowstorms, three hats must be a very good thing to wear...

oh ... when did you say the show will be out on dvd???

*waving at janice, the thomas mann of posting =D

9:24 AM  

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