vanilla creamer update

At the suggestion of my dad - and to prevent poor Janice from standing on a street corner collecting spare change on my behalf for the "vanilla creamer fund" - I took the bull by the horns (as Jen's best friend Sam would say) this past weekend and got my own vanilla creamer coffee supply.

Here's a lovely photo for you to enjoy:

(excuse the annoying flash burn on the box - I'm not smart enough to prevent that)

The box is sitting happily in my desk drawer and I got to break it open this morning while I was working on act 2 of episode 103. The vanilla coffee goodness (or perhaps it was just the caffeine) gave me so much oomph that by the end of the day I'd finished a first draft of episode 103 AND a rewrite of episode 102. Damn, that's good stuff...

And, as this is probably one of the more useless posts I've ever made, I'll cut it short and sign off now...


Blogger nico said...

ooooooooooh i love that quote!!!

"bull ... horns... *smack" (btw... thanks for the outtakes =D )

and if i read this post right, i can go on with my goat casting????

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Janice said...

Michelle, that was definitely NOT a useless post!!!! :rofl:
I'm glad you got the vanilla coffee creamer. That makes me feel much better about your well- being, not to mention that now I don't have to start hustling at a street corner or a majorly trafficked intersection,waving with both arms(OUCH!) trying to hit up drivers or their passengers for change for your vamilla coffee creamer fund.
(But I really do have to start job searching soon, darn).
I know nico and I, as well as the other folks who post here, have a vested interest in you. Gotta see how that "untitled project" will turn out.
I hope everyone is well.
Hi, nico!!!

1:51 PM  
Blogger nico said...

hi janice =D
NO! waving to cars at the intersection... menace them with the goat on a redlight!!! much better for the shoulder! *sigh... i cannot believe how stupid you are sometimes ;D

and good luck at searching ... HAH! another great opportunity to use the lobsterclaws... how smart of me to get them =D ... by the way, does anyone knows how alana is doing at american idol???

oh, and miss paradise... when did you say you'll post these pictures with the toiletpapered walls? *bambieyes blingadeebling

4:52 AM  
Anonymous Francyne said...

Yeah, we can rest in peace, the creamer is in the building.....

12:49 PM  
Blogger nico said...

goat-training update:

the beast sucks! ... this darn thang eats almost everything... while trying to teach it lick salt off of feet, some very nice pairs of sneakers went of to hippster-heaven... the filling of most of the furniture is leaking and there is a giant dench in the wall when this squareheaded critter tried to go out where it likes to go out, wall or not... the neigbours thought it was an earthquake.
so i think the torture thing wasn't my best idea... i think about a cow and some vanillaplants now... but i have no idea, how i should make these little plastic-things they put it in... any ideas?

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Janice said...

I recently saw a television ad about psoriasis promoting Embrel (a psoriasis medication). I wasn't really paying much attention, but there was a teeny tiny clip of a very attractive young woman in this commercial. I immediately went "WOO HOO!!" and came to my computer. Fortunately, google was my friend and verified that I was correct and that it was indeed, the wonderful and lovely Michelle P. I did a happy dance.
Michelle, thanks for listing your work on your website, as google wouldn't have been much help otherwise.
I hope ya'll are doing well.
I'm still unemployed, arm still hurts but range of motion is pretty good. Doctor said it takes one year...blech and phooey! :-(
Even so, gotta get busy and start trying to seek out employment! :-)
Also got to finish my "morning coffee" (at 2:45pm). I love my coffee and chickory with lots of half and half and sugar.
Or should I say I love my half and half and sugar with coffee and chickory ?? (tee hee)
You guys have a great weekend!!

11:52 AM  

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