double "day jobs"

Did you hear the one about the actor who was "discovered" while running errands and landed a role on a hit TV series within a year of moving to LA? Or the one about the writer who got his script to the right person and sold it before even graduating from college?

They sound like jokes... but they're not. Things like that actually happen. But consider those stories the exception (the BIG exception) rather than the rule. Much more often than not, actors, writers, and other creative types toil away at a variety of "day jobs" that pay the bills, while spending all other hours working for free on projects that feed their creative fires... all in the hopes that this will lead to that and everything will pan out and you'll get the big break that will let you do what you love for a living. It usually takes years. And sometimes, it never happens...

Fortunately, this has led to that for me and I'm now working on a project that I love and getting paid for doing it. But I haven't dropped my day job just yet.

What? Michelle has a day job? I didn't know that!

Yes, it's true. But where some of my creative compadres substitute teach, wait tables, sell real estate, or turn tricks on Sunset Blvd (just kidding) to make a living, I work with hi-tech companies as a corporate communications writer. She doesn't just write creatively, folks - she also writes corporatively. ;-)

How I got into this line of work is a long story... and as for how long I've been doing it, let's just say it's been long enough that I can carry my own in conversations about network lifecycles and the benefits of a converged infrastructure; and if you just can't sleep at night wondering why federal agencies are scrambling to migrate to an IPv6 network backbone, I'm the gal who can explain it well enough to send you off into dreamland...

I really love the work I do with my corporate clients. And, of course, I love the work I'm doing on this still-unnamed television show for Logo. But I have to admit that having a lot of work on both fronts can be a bit much. These past few weeks, while I've been working on beat sheets for episodes 2-6, I've also been writing an article, a white paper, a solutions overview, and a quick reference guide for my corporate clients. My brain has had so much back-and-forth between the creative and the semi-technical that my eyes have crossed...

The good news is that my eyes are slowly but surely uncrossing: I'm now in rewrite mode for my corporate work, the beat sheets are nearly done, and soon I'll be able to start focusing on the actual scripts for the show. With a bit less on my metaphoric plate, I may even be able to post a bit more frequently! (she says hopefully, yet still reserving the right to take that statement back) Fingers crossed! :-)

And now, back to work...


Blogger nico said...

me??? criticising you because of not blogging... ME??? no way... i never would =D

and i'm bowing to you in deep respect, of the huge ammount of letters you are jostling around each day.

but, be careful! don't work to hard... we need you to write us a nice tv-show =D

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Janice said...

WOW!!! Michelle, I had no idea you were a woman with so many talents!!I knew you were talented, but holy cow, you wear a corporate hat to boot.
I am in awe of your many skills.:-)
(waves to nico-hi!!!)

3:23 AM  
Blogger nico said...

hi, janice.... i hope you are writing about waving to show me how nice your shoulder works again and not the tsunami kind of waves =D

sorry i'm a bit silly today

waving back with both hands =D

4:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Network life cycles, converged infrastructures, IPv6 Network Bone. I love it when you talk dirty. Beat me, whip me, chain me. Send me to Spain.

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Francyne said...

Gosh I thought I had a lot on my plate, I’m busy teaching Dance full time (my first love) and am currently in the middle of editing a dance film that was filmed with 100 kids and 5 professional dancers this summer, so I totally hear you on the brain all over the place feeling. Sometimes I feel like my brain just runs right away from me, esp. when someone reminds you of something that you said or did and have no recollection of doing it. At least you don’t have the problem of mixing your jobs up and turning up at the editing suite or a marketing meeting in a unitard and legwarmers…I’ve never done that but I’m just saying!!!! :-) … Respect to you Michelle, but don’t use up too many creative juices on those hi-tec words we need them for the fab TV show we’re all awaiting eagerly for…

10:59 AM  

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