shooting, day 1

Wow... um.... quite a "little" gap between production and shooting where Someone (we won't name names - no blame here) didn't update her blog AT ALL!!!!

Thank you all for your patience.... It's been quite busy on this end. The past 2 1/2 weeks have been filled with script rewrites, interviews, hirings, meetings, meetings, and more meetings. It's been absolutely fantastic! I love doing this more than I can say... this (being an EP/Writer) feels like I've found my perfect niche in the Hollyworld. And today begins my other perfect niche: Acting!

Yes, folks, today is the very first day of shooting!!! I'm so incredibly excited that even though it's now 6:15am and I should be taking the towel off my head so I can get downstairs for the van by 6:30, I just had to come online and write a little post to share my happiness with all of you. :-)

But I can't be late, so I'll sign off now and take care of this little towel-on-head issue... More later, I promise! Stay tuned!

This is going to be a damn fine show... I can tell you that for sure!


Blogger nico said...

SHOOTING!!! hiphiphooray

have a fantastic day!!!! and don't forget to curse the writers for the stupid stuff they make you say =D

6:50 AM  
Anonymous Janice said...

As usual, I'm beaten to the punch by nico. (janice waves to nico!!! :hi:)
Michelle, I'm glad things are progressing.
Maybe that should be the new title:
"a damn fine show."
By the way, was I googling just now and I saw that "The Ten Rules" is now on youtube.
Please say "Hi" to Dad!
Ya'll take care.

8:02 AM  
Blogger nico said...

=D hi janice ...

ok, next time, i'll be kind and wait til you posted ;D
it will be hard, very hard, but i'll do it ... just for you

*batting eyelashes*


12:35 AM  

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