3 weeks to go!

Thanks, Nico, for being my official counter while I've been away from the blog... but I'm back! And there are only 3 weeks to go until the U.S. premiere of Exes & Ohs!!!!!

Mark your calendars, set your watches, and get ready for the show that's been over two years in the making... and almost two years in the blogging. As a reminder, it premieres October 8 on Logo; October 11 on Showcase; and it will be available on iTunes somewhere around one of those times.

Logo has just started running ads for the show on the Logo home page. They'll also be putting up an official Exes & Ohs home page toward the end of this week. And soon, there will be myspace pages for the show and all the characters. I'll keep you posted on all of that.

In the meantime, the promotional stuff that I'm doing is also heating up!

-- Last week, I filmed a promo piece for an upcoming AfterEllen thing (sadly, I have to say "thing" because I can't tell you what it is yet - but I'll let you know when I can). It was a blast and you'll get to check it out online very soon.

-- Over the weekend I had a great interview for an upcoming article. Hopefully, the writer finds me more fascinating than I find myself. ;-)

-- Last night, I attended the "Out at the Emmys" viewing party at East/West Lounge where I did the red carpet, got pictures taken, did some interviews, and had a lot of fun feeling very fancy.

-- And this coming week, I've got a few more interviews, a photo shoot, some industry meetings, the Advocate 40th anniversary party (and its red carpet), and then I'm going to top it all off with a hot bath and a long nap...

On a related note, I've been confirmed for a couple of appearances... none of which have been officially announced yet so I can't tell you where/when. But suffice it to say that in a few weeks I will be somewhere, doing something, with some people, to help promote the show. How's that for vague?

So stay tuned for more info! It's coming fast and furious these days...


Blogger nico said...

my pleasure =D

i am so so so sosooooooooo excited

thanks for the update, two years? wow ... how much is that in vanilla coffee creamer?

and now, back to business ... 20 ;D

12:19 PM  

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